Monday, September 29, 2008

Hollywood legends do sci-fi, horror comics

Bluewater Productions has nabbed some strategic partnerships for new comic book series bearing the names of genre luminaries Ray Harryhausen, Vincent Price, Roger Corman, and, most recently, William Shatner.

Under the header "Ray Harryhausen Presents," Bluewater has already launched spin-offs and sequels to many of Harryhausen's classic films, including nine titles that debuted in 2008. (Link: Bluewater Comics Expands Ray Harryhausen Line in 2008)

Vincent Price Presents is an ongoing anthology series showcasing classic gothic horror, mystery, and suspense, with Price in "a myriad of roles including host, muse, background player, and protagonist." (Link: Vincent Price Comics)

The banner "Roger Corman Presents" will cover comics where Bluewater and Corman readapt and re-imagine some of the filmmakers's popular work. "Comic books have given me so much over the years," Corman said, "that it's time I gave something back to the medium." (Link: Roger Corman and Bluewater make a Splash!)

Shatner signed on for four titles under "William Shatner Presents" -- TekWar Chronicles, Quest for Tomorrow, Man O' War, and an exclusive title Shatner will create. "Working with Bluewater is a great opportunity to bring these novels to a whole new audience," Shatner said. (Link: Bluewater Inks Comic Book Deal with William Shatner)

Several previews are online:
Vincent Price Presents
Ray Harryhausen Presents: 20 Million Miles More
Ray Harryhausen Presents: Back to Mysterious Island
Ray Harryhausen Presents: Flying Saucers VS. the Earth
Ray Harryhausen Presents: It Came From Beneath the Sea...Again
RHP: Jason and the Argonauts - Kingdom of Hades
Ray Harryhausen Presents: Sinbad, Rogue of Mars
Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals
Ray Harryhausen Presents: Wrath of the Titans

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