Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which Godzilla movie monster are you?

There is an online quiz for you to determine "Which Godzilla movie monster are you?"

Having taken the test myself, I am proud to announce that I am, in fact, Godzilla: "You are strong and independent. You are also always ready to take on any challenge and never leave things unfinished. You fight for your beliefs and don't put up with crap from anybody!"


artst4christ said...

Hmm I'm Rodan not exactly sure if it's a good thing the description is really nice just haven't seen Godzilla in soooo long is that a good character or bad ? :-D

You are: Rodan!
You are adventurous and skillfull. You also enjoy having fun and taking risks; speed is your biggest rush. However you are also a great team-worker and and a loyal friend

John Gray said...

a geeky but entertaining blog

Chris Well said...

just haven't seen Godzilla in soooo long is that a good character or bad

It depends on which movie you're talking about. To be a "Godzilla" means a force to be reckoned with. And sometimes you knock over buildings and stuff. I guess.

Having just seen the original Rodan movie on DVD, I think it's a cool thing for you to be called one. Of course, sometimes you knock over buildings and stuff. It's all relative.

fleabuggz said...

I was kiryu or mecha-godzilla, whichever I am depends on how I feel, when i'm pissed and wanna smash stuff I'm mecha. But when I'm calm and want to protect someone, I'm Kiryu. I don't know if this is true, but it beats being minila.unte

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