Monday, November 3, 2008

Novelists who write comics

For the past several years, several comic book publishers (especially Marvel Comics and DC Comics) have been recruiting writers from outside the comics sphere, including scribes from the worlds of TV, film, and literature. In fact, Marvel recently called on three crime novelists to each contribute an arc to Punisher: The Gregg Hurwitz-scripted "Girls In White Dresses" runs in Punisher #60-#65, through December; Duane Swierczynski follows with "Six Hours To Kill," appearing in Punisher #66-#70, January through May 2009; and Victor Gischler wraps up with "Welcome To The Bayou" in Punisher #71-#75, which kicks off June 2009. (Full story at Comic Book Resources.)

Other novelists who also write comics: Charlie Huston (Moon Knight), Jonathan Lethem (Omega the Unknown), Tamora Pierce (White Tiger), Joe R. Landsdale (Tales From The Crypt), Greg Rucka (Adventures of Superman, Detective Comics, and Wonder Woman ... in addition to his creator-owned Queen & Country), and Brad Metzler (Justice League of America). Ian Rankin, recently named ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards "Author of the Year," is writing a project for DC Comics' new imprint Vertigo Crime, which launches June 2009.

And then you have Max Allan Collins, who has trod both sides of the line for many years. In addition to the many projects he seems to have in the works at any given time, he has also written official tie-ins to CSI for both book publishers and for comics publishers; his graphic novel Road to Perdition became a movie and also a novelization (which Collins wrote); and his indie comic Ms. Tree recently found life as a hardboiled prose mystery from Hard Case Crime. (Not to mention several years writing the "Dick Tracy" newspaper comic strip!) His latest novels include The First Quarry, and Criminal Minds: Finishing School. Collins is also set to write and direct two sequels to Road to Perdition:
Two sequels planned for Road to Perdition

In the coming days, I'm going to post some links to resources for comics writers. (If only for my own reference.)

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