Monday, November 17, 2008

This is why I don't buy more comics

These big comics "events" at Marvel Comics and DC Comics just make it harder and harder to follow their mainstream books. Newsarama has added up the total cost of the latest two events, Marvel's "Secret Invasion" ($378.78, counting all 125 tie-in issues) and DC's "Final Crisis" ($317.56, including the related sub-events "Death of the Gods" and "Countdown").

In theory, a company-wide epic story sounds really cool. In practice, it interferes with the ongoing arcs of the individual series, it requires the consumer to spend a lot of money to get the entire campaign, and even the best-coordinated efforts run into delays and even some chapters being released in the wrong order.

Oh, and [SARCASM ALERT] the best news of all? The price of comics may be going up. Again.

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