Monday, February 23, 2009

Can robots be possessed?

As part of the Marcher Lord Press Serialization Project, every week you can access a new excerpt of The Personifid Invasion, the spiritual warfare SF thriller by R. E. Bartlett. Excerpt 4 is now available as a PDF, along with previous excerpts, at the Marcher Lord Press Serialization Hub.

About the book:

Death is no longer an issue to those who can afford personifid bodies, human-like artificial bodies into which humans can transfer their consciousness and thus live forever.

In this world, adult siblings are seeking their long-lost sister, only to discover she lives inside a domed city overrun by interterrestrials, beings that ancient Earthlings called demons. These "inters" have discovered it is much easier to possess the souls of humans who have transferred into personifid bodies. Brother and sister race to save their sister before the inters can complete the possession ...

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