Friday, March 20, 2009

King Kong vs. Godzilla on the big screen!

New Hampshire-based horror host show Saturday Fright Special is hosting a special screening of the 1962 classic King Kong Vs. Godzilla on Friday, April 24 at the historic Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH at 7PM. Viewers will be treated to a BRAND-NEW 35 mm print struck by Universal Pictures specifically for this event, which has never been touched or screened before.

In addition to the main feature, they'll be screening vintage monster movie previews, costumed characters from Saturday Fright Special will be giving away DVDs and T-shirts, and overall creating "family-friendly fearsome festivity for all". Legendary comic artist Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing) is donating six sets of signed copies of his critically acclaimed, dinosaur-themed title Tyrant, and an original King Kong Vs. Godzilla sketch done just for the event.

Tickets will be $10 and available either at the door or via the Colonial's website.

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