Friday, June 19, 2009

ULTRAMAN '66 comes back to DVD

The folks at TVShowsOnDVD report that the out-of-print Ultraman: The Complete Series has been picked up by a Mill Creek Entertainment, which re-releases the set Sep 29. The new edition, a four-disc set with all 39 episodes, will only set you back about $15. Pre-order from Amazon.

Created by special effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya (Godzilla, Mothra), the 1960s television series Ultraman remains one of Japan's most beloved sci-fi exports. Airing 1966-67, the live-action series followed a high-tech police force and the gigantic alien superhero Ultraman as they battled to save Earth from invading monsters and aliens. Starring AKIJI KOBAYASHI as Captain Cap Toshio Muramatsu, SUSUMO KUROBE as Shin Hayata, AKIHIKO HIRATA as Professor Iwamoto, MASANARI NIHEI as Mitsuhiro Ide, and HIROKO SAKURAI as Akiko Fuji.

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