Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Icons of Science Fiction: Toho Collection

Coming August 18 is the three-disc set Icons of Science Fiction: Toho Collection, featuring the DVD debuts of three classic sci-fi films by influential director Ishiro Honda -- Mothra (1961), The H-Man (1958) and Battle in Outer Space (1959). Each film, digitally re-mastered in its original Tohoscope aspect ratio, includes both the original Japanese version (with English subtitles) and U.S. version. The set also sports two film commentaries.

Film synopses:

Members of a Japanese expedition to a heavily-radiated island find two tiny, beautiful girls and take them home for observation. When the girls are taken off the island, a mysterious egg hatches, producing a gargantuan moth which destroys everything in its path as it searches for the girls.

Tokyo once again faces destruction when a giant caterpillar crawls into town to save tiny twin sisters from the clutches of entrepreneurs out to exploit them. The one-foot high ladies have been kidnapped from their remote island in the South Seas and taken to Japan, where they are now a sideshow attraction. However, the twins have supernatural powers and cry out for help from the huge caterpillar that has hatched back on their island. The giant insect comes to Tokyo, where it causes mass devastation. It then transforms into a moth that continues on its way to liberate the sisters. Meanwhile, a reporter tries to get the scoop on this unusual story. Will Mothra rescue the maidens? And, if it does, how much of Tokyo will be left?

The H-Man
A radioactive liquid turns people into slimy blobs that begin to reproduce and clutter up Tokyo's sewer system. The Tokyo sewer system is an oozing mess after a radioactive liquid turns people into slimy blobs that float down the drains following a rainstorm. To add to the havoc, the gelatinous masses then begin to reproduce. The blobs are ultimately destroyed in a fire that lights up the city.

Battle in Outer Space
The nations of the Earth unite in a common cause to fight off an invader from outer space. A series of mysterious catastrophes sweep the globe, causing world's scientists to conclude that beings from another planet are attacking earth. Two earth space ships damage attackers, giving the world time to prepare for gigantic battle in outer space.

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