Saturday, November 7, 2009

Episode 03. The Gargoyle Vine, A Space Plant

Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot:
The Complete Episode Guide
The Gargoyle Vine, A Space Plant
Originally aired Jan 15, 1969

Gargoyle operative Doctor Botanus arrives on Earth with the fossil of an ancient space plant. Under orders from Emperor Guillotine, the evil doctor kidnaps a respected botanist and commands him to bring the seed back to life. When the scientist refuses, Doctor Botanus performs an operation on the man's brain -- which enslaves him. Now under the doctor's control, the botanist goes to work. The fossil breaks into two and a small black bud starts to grow ...

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Rogueevolent said...

Man I love this blog... now I'm all excited about watching some more Johnny Socko.

Chris Well said...

Yeah, when our Internet was finally fast enough to watch Hulu, Johnny Sokko was my *first* stop.

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