Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MTV's "Best Under-The-Radar Series" back with #3

BUTLER, NJ (Feb 2010) -- 2009 was another memorable year for the comic book industry. When it came time for journalists to reflect on the year gone by, several mentioned Robot 13 as one of the standout comic books of 2009. MTV's Rick Marshall called R-13 the “Best Under-the-Radar Comic Series” on the stands today.

This March, readers get another chance to discover what all the excitement is about with the release of R-13 #3. The thrilling issue from Blacklist Studios concludes the “Colossus” storyline and will be simultaneously released in the digital format for the Apple and Google mobile markets via special arrangements with Robot Comics and Panelfly.

The story of a skull-headed robot with an irresistible instinct to battle mythological creatures has captured the imaginations of comic book fans the world over. "It's really taken on a life of its own," said writer Thomas Hall, who co-created the series with artist Daniel Bradford. "We have been interviewed by reporters from Germany and Australia, seen our book raved about by Spanish and Portuguese comic reviewers, and magazines in Canada and the UK have done pieces. We have gotten feedback from world renowned authors, top Hollywood executives and established comic book artists alike -- and all of it has been pretty positive."

The print edition of R-13 #3 can be ordered directly from Blacklist Studios. The 32-page, full color comic can also be ordered in a digital edition from Robot Comics and Panelfly for Apple, Google and Amazon mobiles. The digital editions of R-13 #2 and R-13 #1 are also still available.

Packed with action, intrigue and poignancy, the “Colossus!” storyline concludes with some amazing revelations about the skull-headed robot warrior. While convalescing under the care of an old man and his dog, R13 discovers more about his past than ever before ... and not a moment too soon, as he may need to draw upon this newfound knowledge to battle the most fearsome monster yet!

As an added bonus, the issue includes pulse-pounding pin-ups from Tegaki blog artist Kim Low, animator-illustrator Jeffrey Cheung, action figure designer and trading card artist Bobby Vala, multimedia artist Kevin Olson and a thrilling new artist on the scene, Maur Cobb.

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