Monday, June 21, 2010


Comic Book Resources and Robot 6 gave comics writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) the chance to share his "six nostalgic dream projects" -- that is, six comics from his childhood he'd love a crack at writing someday. Among his picks? Shogun Warriors:
"I’d focus more on the Shogun pilots, their training, and the other characters in their world. Our heroes do their best work when they’re shut off from everyone else behind a thousand tons of metal. Would they be similarly shut off in their day-to-day lives? Could they even have day-to-day lives? Sure, there would be giant monsters, but not every issue. We’d have to have some build-up so the battles would be a little more impactful. Maybe it would play out a little like Neon Genesis Evangelion, only without the nonsensical ending."
Cullen's other dream projects are The Micronauts, Man-Thing, Devil Dinosaur, Doctor Druid, and "Those Pesky House of Mystery Kids." Read the entire essay here.

Speaking of Shogun Warriors, there's still talk of them becoming a major motion picture.

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Xenorama said...

yes, please make a comic book about giant robots and monsters into some boring emo book. that would sell.

Cullen Bunn said...

Ha! That would probably be the only time anyone has ever accused me of doing an emo book. Having some real characters and giant robot and kick-ass battles wouldn't have to be mutually exclusive. I just think that if you want anyone to take it seriously, there's got to be some meat on the bones.

Xenorama said...

hi Cullen, I gotta agree with you, and I really enjoy all your "dream" projects (would be mine, too) as I read all those growing up as well.

I am just too weary of too much "realism" in comics these days, where the creators sacrifice fun and creativity for "meaningful" plots. that would be like turning Dr. Light into a rapist.

and I really dislike the current "high tech" designs of robots these days- look at the alleged "Gaiking" movie being made. sleek and cool rocks!

David (appreciates your response!)

Cullen Bunn said...

David -

I'm totally with you. I'm all for fun, sleek, and cool. I don't mind gritty realism, but it's not how I take my robots. Comics are a medium where anything can and should happen.

I hadn't seen that Gaiking trailer until a few days ago. Next to Dragun, Gaiking was my favorite of the Warriors. Remember getting him for Christmas very vividly. Do you recall the old Gaiking anime with the baseball player piloting the robot?

Xenorama said...

I've seen a few episodes of Gaiking, and I think the US movie they made of a few episodes of the cartoon.

"my" Shogun Warrior was Great Mazinga and I desperately wanted to see the cartoon growing up. I've still not seen all of that one, but I have the DVDs of Mazinga Z (with lousy HK English subs) and am watching them again for the second time. loads of fun, violent and gory on occasion.

KEEF said...

I am a huge shogun warrior fan, I bought the 1st 6 issues ... not the same feeling i got reading them as a kid.
Yet i HAD to have them...
I wish someone would make a kick ass GRANDIZER something!

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