Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WRATH OF THE TITANS: The Movie Based on the Comic Based on the Movie

Wrath of The Titans (Special Edition) with Bonus Comic BookJust in time to coincide with the DVD of Clash of the Titans (2010), Eagle One Media and comics company Bluewater Productions have released a new special edition DVD of the motion comic Wrath of the Titans, a sequel to the original film. Making it a movie based on a comic based on a movie. (Or something like that.) Incidentally, it also comes with a comic book.
Developed under the guidance of legendary SFX artist Ray Harryhausen comes an all new Sequel-Style story to the original Clash of the Titans: Five years have passed since the legendary Perseus defeated the evil Gorgon Medusa, killed the Kraken and assumed the crown of Argos. Things seemed idyllic throughout the kingdom and news of an heir put the citizens in a celebratory mood. Yet lurking in the shadows is the one being in Argos simmering with hate and discontent. Calibus, once though dead, was let out of the Underworld by Hades and looks to take his revenge on the Pretender and his family. Perseus stole his bride, stole his position, stole Zeus favor, stole his life and now Calibus looks to take it all back ...
Watch the first four minutes:

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