Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming Sep 14: The Mighty Peking Man

The Mighty Peking Man (Dub)Coming to DVD and Blu-ray in a new edition is King Kong knock-off The Mighty Peking Man (or, as the Blu-ray is labeled, Sword Masters: The Mighty Peking Man):
King Kong goes Hong Kong in this unique Shaw Brothers spin on the ageless theme of beauty and the beast. The beast, seven stories high and hailing from the Himalayas, loves Swiss beauty Evelyn Kraft, a sexy blonde Tarzanette who is also the object of lust from a sleazy show-biz promoter. Will the handsome young explorer save her from what was then Hong Kong s highest building? The action, Indian locations, and inter-racial romance made Variety reach this verdict: High camp, Chinese style. An outrageous adventure that never takes itself too seriously -- treat yourself to a guilty pleasure that has entertained critics and late-night movie audiences everywhere!

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