Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ROBOT 13 hits 100K downloads

Without any help from a publisher or outside money, indie comics creators Thom Hall and Daniel Bradford have pushed past 100,000 downloads for their steampunk robot-vs-giant monsters epic Robot 13.

Available free on iTunes and Android, Robot 13 is the first comic on either platform to combine frame-by-frame animation, a wide-range of transition effects, and vibration into a single package. "We decided R13 was the perfect vehicle to debut our latest technology," notes Dave Baxter of the comic's e-distributor, Robot Comics. "On top of the comic’s own creative merits, we wanted the mobile reading experience to be, appropriately, just as exceptional."

"When they started telling us what they had in mind, we were both blown away," Hall says. "We didn't know of anyone who was pushing mobile comics so far. This was more than just viewing a PDF -- it was a totally new hybrid comics experience."

"We’ve since gone even further with our Scott Pilgrim app," Baxter adds. "But Robot 13 was and is a ground-breaking beginning for pushing the boundaries on what a mobile comic can be. And I think readers are responding to that, as well as the incredible quality of Tom and Daniel’s craftsmanship."

Watch the preview video to see Robot 13 in motion:

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