Sunday, September 11, 2011

William Shakespeare Presents Terminator the Second

This is crazy: Coming to Nashville in October, William Shakespeare Presents Terminator the Second is a staging of Terminator 2: Judgment Day reconstructed entirely from lines found in the plays of The Bard. As recounted on the official website:

"William Shakespeare Presents Terminator the Second" is the premiere production of the Nashville performance collective, Husky Jackal Theater. A product of nearly a year of research and revision by scriptors and Husky Jackal co-founders Marshall Weber and Cody De Vos, the script tells the story of a boy and his cyborg protector entirely in lines and phrases taken from the plays of William Shakespeare.

In April of 2011, Husky Jackal Theater launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their production. They hoped to raise a modest $3,000, and finance the rest themselves - the original intent being to perform the show one night only at a local rock club. The project caught the attention of a number of influential websites and publications, including the SyFy channel, Gawker science blog i09, and Mental Floss magazine. The creators were suddenly in contact with supporters as far-flung as Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and their original fundraising goal was eclipsed several times over, enabling Husky Jackal Theater to vastly increase the scope of its production.

International support (and a healthy bit of pavement pounding) fostered community relationships, as the publicity brought the production to the attention of Nashville's creative class. Various persons reached out and came on board in every aspect of production. The Nashville Shakespeare festival invited Husky Jackal to observe auditions for Shakespeare in the Park's "Romeo and Juliet," establishing contact with several talented actors and actresses from the region eager to join. Eventually, Husky Jackal sought participation from the Nashville School of the Arts, and, thanks to a unique partnership, "Terminator the Second" will debut on the school's main stage in October of 2011, with some cast and stage crew roles filled by advanced production students.

The production will be at Nashville School of the Arts October 14-17. More information at

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